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How are we working with other unions to empower Women’s Football?

The women’s game has seen – and continues to see – a strong period of growth in recent years which is warmly welcomed by all and we want to continue to support this in years to come.

However there are barriers that still exist which manifests itself in women having their path to becoming and remaining professionals blocked. As FIFPRO note, a “deep-rooted legacy of gender discrimination still translates to a lack of opportunities for women to enter and remain in the field as professionals.

Therefore there is a need to introduce the Raising our Game Europe 2025 (ROGE25) initiative which is co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ programme and is done in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux.

This looks to develop tools and resources to support player associations – such as PFA Scotland – with promoting equal opportunities, access and inclusion for women’s players.

Within women’s football several issues lie within employment practices – terminated contracts, lack of basic worker protections and rights, inconsistent health insurance and strains on holistic health. ROGE25 looks to level the playing field and develop tools for unions like ourselves to help tackle these issues head on.

As an affiliate union to this project we will work together with our compatriots to develop a three-part toolkit on sustaining work in women’s football. This will guide players in social dialogue and help with movement building for social change.

PFA Scotland are fully committed to working for our members and to keep helping the women’s game grow while pushing for player’s rights and employment securities.

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