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Our latest event for young footballers – Kick Off – focuses on 1st year apprentices who are beginning their transition into the exciting but challenging journey of football. Like My Future Now, Kick Off is the same event with three iterations based in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Perth in order to facilitate maximum spread of getting players, coaches and speakers to there. The main focuses are around starting their career, gambling awareness, social media awareness, finding your feet in the dressing room and Q & As with ex-professionals who’ve stood where these players have before. The first edition of the event went down a storm with players and coaches alike – we’re looking to make it even bigger and better for coming years! Our business partners Advanta Wealth even took the time to come and discuss managing your money and budgeting too – as young players likely reciveing their first larger paychecks this is very useful and can help with the pressures of that at a young age.

For further details contact Chris Higgins on 07719902438 or on