Privacy Policy

How We Use Your Personal Information

Information We Hold

To become a member of PFA Scotland you must complete a membership form, by singing this form you are agreeing to the following:

  • The information from your membership form will be stored on our members database.
  • Primarily your information will be used to enable us to carry out our function as a trade union, provide membership services and comply with certain statutory obligations.
  • All PFA Scotland employees will have access to your information and will access this in line with GDPR legislation.
  • PFA Scotland will use your email address/telephone number to contact you regarding PFA Scotland business and to let you know about members benefits etc.
  • Your financial information will be shared securely with our Direct Debit bureau who will use this information to deduct monthly/annual membership payments.

We need the information we hold on you to be accurate and up to date. Please help us by informing us promptly of any changes to your details or playing circumstances.


PFA Scotland will not share your personal information with anyone outside the organisation, except where:

• We are permitted to do so by law
• We have a public duty to disclose the information
• We have your consent to do so

Protecting Your Information

PFA Scotland have appropriate technical and organisational measures in place to protect your information. We store and hold all information in line with GDPR Legislation.

How Long We Keep Your Information

PFA Scotland will keep your information for 3 years after your membership ceases. At this stage your personal information will be destroyed in line with GDPR.

Your Rights

Under GDPR legislation you are entitled to a copy of the personal information PFA Scotland hold on you and have any inaccuracies in your personal information corrected.

Requests for your file should be made in writing to:

PFA Scotland Data Protection Officer
2 Woodside Place
G3 7QF

Or email

PFA Scotland have 30 calendar days to get this information to you.


Further information on GDPR legislation can be found by clicking on this link