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Rules on Gambling in Football

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Professional Footballers in Scotland are bound by a very strict set of rules around gambling – regulations ban players from betting on football in any capacity across the globe, from Lowland League, Champions League to Australian League football, professional players are banned from gambling on football.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a league/tournament you have no connections to – the rules remain the same and you will be punished by the SFA if caught.

This applies to instructing others to gamble on your behalf or passing on insider information to anyone for the purpose of gambling – it is not allowed.

The SFA can ban you, fine you and there is possibility that depending on the nature of the offence you can face criminal charges too and any such ban may have an effect on your employment as a footballer.

If you are struggling with gambling addiction and require someone to talk to, we recommend you contact our signposting partners who deal with addiction and have done in football for many years – The RCA Trust – here. Any help you receive will remain totally confidential between you and the counsellor.