PFA Scotland Statement on Dr Willie Stewart Dementia Research Study & Findings:

Fraser Wishart, PFA Scotland Chief Executive, said: “Our thanks go to our colleagues at the PFA for part funding the research, and to Dr Willie Stewart and his team for this ground breaking research.

“This must be the start of the journey to fully understanding the relationship between playing professional football and dementia as the health, safety and welfare of our current and former members must be at the centre of any solution.

“We agree that a global approach must now be taken to help players across the world. Further research is required to fully understand why professional players are at higher risk of developing dementia.

“Positives from the survey confirm that there is clearly a benefit to physical activity as our members are less likely to die from heart disease and cancer.

“Everyone in football has a responsibility to keep the momentum going and we look forward to working with clubs, as the employers, and governing bodies to find a way to better support those former players suffering from dementia, and those who care for them.

“In addition we must use modern technology and knowledge to protect current and future players from this awful disease.”

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