Coe Solutions

PFA Scotland are delighted to partner with Coe Solutions. As the players’ union, our role is to take care of our members wellbeing within their workplace and to provide them with the best advice available.

Our partnership with Coe Solutions means they can provide a money transfer service to PFA Scotland members and clubs from all four tiers of the SPFL whether it is for clubs paying transfer fees/hotel bills for overseas games or breaks, for foreign players paying an overseas mortgage/agent fees/foreign savings accounts or paying hotels/villas for family holidays. With over 20 years of experience, Coe Solutions can offer you a money transfer service specifically tailored to your requirements. To make an enquiry about how Coe Solutions can help, you contact Sarah Gowdy on 0203 005 4808 or email . To find out more click to open the PDF.

“We are delighted to have Link FX and Coe Solutions as part of our network of PFA Scotland Business Partners. They are a perfect fit for our members as they not only offer fantastic currency exchange rates for group and individual holidays, but also a no-hassle money transfer service for any players sending money abroad. Having spoken to members who have used Link FX and Coe Solutions, it is reassuring for us to know that the personal service the players’ receive is second to none and he will always ensure they get the best rates possible.”

Fraser Wishart

““I send money back home to France every month and have done so through my bank for years. When I heard about Coe Solutions, through PFA Scotland, and their money transfer service I was curious and got in touch with Ally right away. He came up to Dundee to meet me and explained how straightforward the process was. I am happy to use it and would recommend it to anyone who sends money abroad.”

William Edjenguele