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A number of players have made the transition from player to policeman after hanging up their boots.

Our Personal Development Officer Chris Higgins has been working closely with Police Scotland Recruitment to help any players who are interested in joining the force.

He has already run a successful briefing session, which included a Q&A with former player-turned-policeman Mark Brown (see above video).

There will be another briefing session organised for the start of 2021, any interested members should contact Chris on 07719 902438 pr email for more information.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a player who has successfully joined the police about work patterns and how they find the job, Chris can arrange that for you.

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Emma Mckay –

  • Hold open events in evenings for Police mock interviews and exams. Check events page on website. Exam situations and graded to show people their results.
  • NOTE – for interviews and competency-based questions. Answer the question asked.
  • Can hold 1-2-1, small or big group sessions for members to help them Police interview techniques and exams at Police training HQ in Jackton East Kilbride.
  • Helps with confidence and they can also how good examples of interviews.
  • Willing to give support to members.
  • Keen to get footballers in as they have the physical and psychological traits to be a Police officer.
  • Ex footballers within Police can help our members.
  • Recruitment ongoing depending on area. Always looking for Glasgow/Lanarkshire.
  • 6 Months from application to job. Take people on job quarterly