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Welcome to our new website

Last updated: 10.52am, Tuesday 14th March 2017 by

I’ve been desperate to overhaul the website for ages so thank you, firstly, to Fraser for letting me and Martin at FOURO, who did the re-design, for all his help – and putting up with me giving him a whole load of earache and headaches in the process.

I think – and hopefully you do too – that this website looks great and is a lot cleaner and easier to navigate your way through. Plus the wee video on the home page of last year’s PFA Awards is fantastic. Have a wee watch and see if you can spot yourself. Or scroll down the page and watch the full version – it was a great night and we’re about to do it all again very soon. Sunday 7th May is the big night so get booking your table ASAP.

Going forward, the plan with this blog is to give you the players, and our members, a platform.

Myself, Fraser, Stuart and members of the Management Committee (did I forget to mention that to you guys!) will blog from time to time on various different subjects affecting you all or something that we feel strongly about. If you want to contribute then please feel free to contact me.

Please have a look around the website, from our Business Partners and what they can offer you to how our Education Service can help you prepare for life away from the game to advice on Mental Health and other issues, there is something there for everyone.

As always, feedback is welcomed – you know by now how to get in touch.


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