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PFA Scotland Supports Hampden Decision

Last updated: 5.22pm, Tuesday 11th September 2018 by

PFA Scotland fully supports the decision taken by the Scottish FA Board to remain at Hampden Park.

It has been a difficult period for all those concerned, but we are delighted for Peter Dallas and his colleagues at Hampden Park Limited that Hampden will continue to be recognised as the National Stadium.

During the consultation process, PFA Scotland’s Management Committee issued Hampden Park Limited with a letter of support.

Chief Executive Fraser Wishart explains the reasoning behind the Union’s backing: “In late 2017 I attended a meeting at Hampden Park, along with other members of the Scottish FA Congress, to discuss the options available to the Scottish FA.

“I felt this matter was of such importance that it should be discussed in full by our Management Committee to set out PFA Scotland’s position.

“Aside from the playing of Men’s National Team games and Cup Semi-Final and Final matches, the Management Committee deemed other matters to be of equal importance.

“There was genuine concern expressed for the future of all staff currently employed in many guises at Hampden should the Scottish FA move its offices to a different location.

“Moreover, members feared for the future of Queens Park as a football club – from the players to the excellent youth development and community programmes as well as the staff.

“The Management Committee also considered that playing at Hampden is still something to aspire to for most professional footballers.

“They felt that many players, including Committee members, have not been fortunate enough to have played at the National Stadium yet still hoped to do so at some stage in their career.

“For those playing at a higher level, reaching and playing in a cup final or playing for their country at Hampden Park is viewed as an honour, both by Scottish players and those representing other countries.

“In addition, the Management Committee believed that having Hampden as a base gives Scottish Football a worldwide identity that would have been lost should the Scottish FA have relocated. It would have been counterproductive had the history and tradition of Hampden simply have been thrown away.

“The position therefore of the PFA Scotland Management Committee was always that the Scottish FA offices should remain at Hampden Park, and the Men’s National Team and National Cup final matches should continue to be played at the National Stadium.

“We are therefore delighted with the decision taken today.”


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