Gambling Support


RCA TRUST are PFA Scotland’s addiction counselling partner – their service is confidential and free.

You can access it yourself by contacting Andy Todd on the details below.

Andy Todd
T: 0141 887 0880/07805 129624

In partnership with the RCA Trust, PFA Scotland has developed a gambling awareness programme for players in Scotland.

There are two elements to the programme – the first being the information and advice surrounding the professional aspects of sports betting and the second, guidance and support for personal gambling issues.

It is vitally important that players are aware of the rules and regulations concerning betting. As a professional player in Scotland, you MUST adhere to the rules as set by the Scottish Football Association (SFA)

For the avoidance of doubt, players should note that this prohibits betting on ANY football match, at ANY time and in ANY country.

PFA Scotland offers a support structure for those who feel they are developing gambling addiction problems.  We have a formal partnership with the RCA Trust, an addiction counselling charity offering specialist gambling addiction advice.  Andy Todd, RCA’s specialist counsellor, has visited several clubs alongside the PFA Scotland team to explain the potential problems and the support available.

Players are reminded that they can approach any member of the PFA Scotland team if they have any gambling issues. Below are contact details for the RCA Trust, along with those from other gambling addiction support services:

Andy Todd at RCA Trust on 0141 887 0880 (9-5pm)
Support (24/7 Confidential Line) on 07702 565916