PFA Scotland is delighted to have an association with the following organisations:

FIFPro, is the worldwide representative organisation for all professional players;more than 50,000 footballers in total.  FIFPro was formed in 1965 and currently has 60 members (including PFA Scotland), 5 candidate members and 12 observers and represents approximately 75,000 players worldwide. FIFPro has several committees which help the world players union with several tasks:


Regulations and Articles



Social Dialogue


Womens football

The PPF (Professional Players Federation) is the national organisation for professional player associations in the UK. There are over 15,600 professional sportsmen and women in Britain and the PPF is dedicated to promoting, protecting, and developing the collective interests of these players.

The PFA was formed in December 1907 and is the world’s longest established professional sportspersons union. The aims of the English players union are to protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights and status of all professional players by collective bargaining agreements.