PFA Scotland provides financial assistance to members who have completed both academic and non academic courses.
Grants are subject to members meeting a minimum criteria, please see below

o You are a paying member and have been for 6 months continuously prior to any application being made
o Course has been completed (Grant will not be paid if course has been started and/or completed before you became a member of PFAS)
o You have paid for the course and have receipt(s) to show this (no applications can be processed for SASS funded courses)

When Applying
o Members must complete an application form
o Members must provide receipts of payment
o Where applicable, members must forward a certification of completion

o Members will be awarded a maximum of £500 per Financial year (our financial year runs from July to June).

o The amount you will be paid will depend on the cost of your course. See table below;

Course Cost Grant
Up to £1000: you will receive 2/3 of cost to a maximum of £300
£1001 - £2000: you will receive £400
£2001 - No Limit: you will receive £500

All grants are awarded at the sole discretion of PFAS and each application will be open to review by the Chief Executive on a case by case basis.


Grants will be paid on a quarterly basis at the end of March, June, September and December of each year.

For further information contact our Office Manager Donna Afaty on 0141 353 0199 or email