The FIFPro Online Sports Management Degree is unique in the sense that you can study for a FULL time degree whilst playing football AND it’s completely FREE to PFA Scotland members.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to prepare for life after football as you will have a BA in Sports Management which can lead to a variety of jobs at clubs or football bodies including General Manager, Director of Football, Sponsorship Manager, Marketing Manager or Corporate Hospitality Manager.

At the moment we have 9 Scottish players on the programme:

  • Andrew Barrowman became the first Scottish player to graduate from the course earlier this year
  • Scott Boyd (Kilmarnock), Ziggy Gordon (Partick Thistle) and Marc Waters (Queen’s Park) in their 3rd year
  • David Gray (Glenafton), Jason Thomson (Raith Rovers), Craig Watson (Hamilton) in their 2nd year
  • Andrew Webster (St Mirren) and Dapo Kayode (Kilmarnock) in 1st year

TESTIMONIAL // Craig Watson – Hamilton

Craig Watson - Hamilton

I chose to apply for the online FIFPro degree mainly to widen my selection of options for after my career in football is finished. What motivated me was that I would come in most days from training and waste away the afternoons and evenings doing the same sort of stuff every day – watch Netflix, have dinner and go to the gym. I realised I was wasting too much time throughout the week that could be spent doing something productive so I decided to consider further education.

I was lucky that I trained with Ziggy Gordon everyday, who was already on the course, which gave me the opportunity to question him on it in the changing room.

Choosing to participate in the degree has had several benefits for me.

It has brought structure back into my week meaning during my spare time I am not sitting around wasting it and instead doing something that keeps my brain ticking over and could be potentially beneficial in the future.

It is tough and sometimes it does take up more time than I would like however getting a degree will more than make all the hard work worthwhile.

The Sports Management Degree will be a great thing to have in the bag and can open a lot of doors that otherwise would not be available.

I am just back to full fitness from a 10-month spell on the side lines after sustaining a potential career ending injury, this is the second time it has happened, so I understand completely how football can be over earlier than you wanted and picture it to be.

Learning that football will not last forever, one way or another, inspired me to get prepared for life after football. Being prepared will hopefully give some sort of freedom so that you can chose your next career instead of being forced into one.

The Degree is run by the University College of Denmark (UCN) and study is done online via a special portal, but with the support of a specified lecturer/mentor.


Ziggy Gordon - Patrick Thistle

Although I had just turned 21 and was in full time football, I thought it was a good time to think about life after football. I’d always wanted to do a Degree, but thought it would be unrealistic whilst playing full time.

When I spoke to the PFA, they convinced me to apply for the Sports Management Degree run by FIFPro, the World Players Union and the UCN.

I was accepted and although at first it took me time to get used to the workload, after a few months it become very natural thanks to support from the university and class mates.

Doing a degree online works perfectly for me as I never wanted my studies to interfere with my football, I can do my work when and where I want too. The university tries to help as much as they can so you never feel like you’re working alone regardless of not being in a classroom.

My advice to anyone thinking of starting a degree or any kind of educational courses, would be to make sure you are willing to put the work and time in. I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity by FIFPro and PFA Scotland to balance my football and education plus I’ll have a degree by the time I’m 25.

TESTIMONIAL // Andy webster – St Mirren

Andy Webster - St Mirren

I’ve always known that my football career wouldn’t last forever, and knew that I would need to start planning for a life after football.  Being able to be part of the FIFPro Online Sports Management Degree has given me the flexibility of getting myself an education whilst still being involved in full-time football.

I must thank PFA Scotland, and Michelle for advising me on my future options for a life outside being a footballer.  I was unsure and unaware of what was available and possible until speaking to Michelle and with her knowledge and expertise recommended the FIFPro Online Business and Sports Management degree.

I believe the degree will stand me in good stead for future employment whether that is at boardroom level of a football club or in any other business environment.

Like any other university course, applicants must satisfy certain criteria.


If you are interested in applying for the FIFPro Sports Management Degree or want
to find out more contact Chris Higgins on 07719 902438 or email