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PFA Scotland Statement on Scottish Cup Final

Last updated: 1.32pm, Friday 1st December 2017 by

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “"PFA Scotland supports calls for a full and thorough independent and transparent investigation in to the post-match events at the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden on Saturday.

“"Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and it is forgotten that footballers’ workplace is the field of play, where they perform assuming like every worker that the environment is safe. On Saturday this was not the case and it is completely unacceptable that the safety of our members was compromised in the scenes which followed the full time whistle. The wellbeing of our members was endangered and they were left open to threats and intimidation. No-one should have to face these unsavoury conditions in their workplace, be it on the football pitch or an office environment.

“"In the lead up to high profile matches such as Saturday’s cup final, players are advised by the authorities with regard to their behaviour on the pitch and the potential consequences in the stands of such behaviour. The players on Saturday behaved impeccably, it was their safety that was threatened and our members were left vulnerable.

“"The scenes on the Hampden pitch tarnished what was a wonderful game of football and a historic day for Hibernian Football Club. It is particularly disappointing that both sets of players were denied the opportunity to go to their supporters in the traditional manner; the Hibernian players were denied the opportunity to celebrate a momentous occasion for their club with their supporters whilst the Rangers players were unable to collect their medals and acknowledge their supporters after a long season.

“"We commend our members for the restraint shown under severe duress and believe that they are due a full explanation from the authorities as to how and why supporters were able to enter the field of play and threaten their safety.”"


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