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PFA Scotland Statement

Last updated: 4.23pm, Friday 20th November 2015 by

It is unusual for PFA Scotland to respond when people offer their opinion on the union through the media. However, ill-informed comments have been made about PFA Scotland by Spohrt over the last couple of days which have both surprised and disappointed us.

We are always interested in new partnerships if they benefit our members, which is our sole concern. We met with Spohrt in July of this year during which they presented their programme and how they felt it would benefit our members. In essence, Spohrt wanted PFA Scotland to endorse their product which they could then present to our members. Spohrt were open about the fact that this was a business opportunity for them.

As normal we undertook a process of due diligence. Spohrt mentioned they had spoken to the Scottish FA and had run a pilot scheme with our colleagues at the PFA in England. We looked at feedback from this pilot and spoke with the PFA to garner their views. The PFA informed us they chose not to take matters further with Spohrt.

We were also aware that they had met with the PFA in Ireland. It was found that all of these bodies had turned down the opportunity to partner Spohrt for various reasons.

Taking all the evidence into consideration, we came to the conclusion that, on balance, the Spohrt programme was not something we would endorse.

If Spohrt’s product is the best on the market then it should be successful and our endorsement makes no difference.

In the meantime, we will contact our members, explaining why we took the decision not to partner Spohrt. It will then be entirely their own personal decision whether or not to make use of the company’s services.


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