Education: Grants

PFA Scotland provides financial assistance to players who are undertaking both academic and non academic courses.


The levels of grants for the majority of courses are up to a maximum of £300.00 in any one year.  All grants are subject to PFA Scotland Education receiving:

  • A fully completed application form
  • Confirmation of PFA Scotland membership
  • Appropriate receipts as proof of payment for the course
  • Proof of completion of course (or module)

The criteria and policy regarding such funding is as follows:


As part of PFA Scotland’s drive to assist members prepare for life after playing members will be able to apply for funding towards the costs of education and training.

The Education Grant Scheme is a membership benefit awarded at the discretion of PFA Scotland. Members should note that;

  • Level 1,2 and 4 members will be eligible to apply for an Education Grant.
  • Members must be a paying member for at least 6 months continuously prior to application.
  • Grant will amount to 66% of the course costs, to a maximum award of £300 per member per annum. (1 July – 30 June)
  • All grants are awarded at the sole discretion of PFAS.
  • Members must have completed the course before a grant can be awarded.
  • Members must complete an application form and provide PFAS with all relevant receipts prior to any application being considered.
  • Each application will be open to review by the Chief Executive on a case by case basis.
  • For further information members should call the Head Office on 0141 353 0199 or email