Education: Advice-Guidance

It is vitally important that players ensure that they are aware of the need for future career planning.


The vast majority of professional footballers have to work after their playing career ends, so it is important to develop new skills and qualifications while you’re still playing to help with your transition.

PFA Scotland provides advice, guidance and funding for players in preparation for a second career so please make full use of the assistance available.

Career planning involves getting an idea of what players would like to do when they retire and then putting the appropriate structures in place.  We work with players on a one to one basis to help them identify their second career by helping them recognise their own strengths and interests and matching these to possible careers outside football.

We have established key contacts in the university and college sector across the country who understand the needs of our members.  They provide open, flexible and part time learning opportunities to fit in and around training and playing commitments.  In addition, there are also a number of bespoke courses exclusively available to PFA Scotland members at discounted rates. These include:

  • Personal Training Courses
  • DIY Trade School Courses
  • Open University Courses
  • FIFPro Online Degree

PFA Scotland can help advise and guide you on your chosen path in to Education – call Michelle on 07796 171490 or email