Sign Up For BA Sport Management Online Programme


The FIFPro Online Sports Management Degree is unique as you can study for a FULL time degree whilst playing football AND it’s completely FREE to PFA Scotland members.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to prepare for life after football as you will have a BA in Sports Management which can lead to a variety of jobs at clubs, football bodies or within the sports industry including General Manager, Director of Football, Event Manager, Sponsorship Manager, Marketing Manager or Corporate Hospitality Manager.

Applications for the 2017 Semester – which starts in September 2017 – are now open, but the deadline is very tight as all applications MUST be in for 1st March.

The course will include and cover the following topics:

  • Sport Industry
  • Sport Marketing and Consumer Behaviour
  • Sponsorships and Fundraising
  • Sport Management (Strategy, Organisation and Management Theories)
  • Sport Economics (Sport as a Product, Sport Finance)
  • Methodology and Research in Sports
  • Consultancy
  • Leadership
  • Human Resource Management
  • Sport Law
  • Sport Contracts
  • Risk Management


At the moment Scottish players on the programme include Scott Boyd (Kilmarnock), Ziggy Gordon (Partick Thistle), Jason Thomson (Raith Rovers) and Andrew Webster (St Mirren).

The Degree is run by the University College of Denmark (UCN) and study is done online via a special portal, but with the support of a specified lecturer/mentor.

Like any other university course, applicants must satisfy certain educational criteria.

If you are interested in applying for the FIFPro Sports Management Degree or want to find out more contact Michelle Evans on 07796 171490 or email

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FIFPro and FIFA Reveal 2016 World 11

Luis Suarez has made the FIFA FIFPro World 11 for the first time following a vote by professional footballers across the globe.

A total of 26,516 players in 69 countries selected a team consisting of the eleven players who according to them were the best at their position in 2016.


This annual vote is organized by FIFPro, the global representative of professional footballers, which through its member unions invited players to pick a team of 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 forwards.

The 2016 FIFA FIFPro World 11 is:

Goalkeeper: Manuel Neuer (Germany, Bayern Munich)

Defenders: Daniel Alves (Brazil, Barcelona and Juventus); Gerard Pique (Spain, Barcelona); Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid); Marcelo (Brazil, Real Madrid)

Midfielders: Luka Modric (Croatia, Real Madrid); Toni Kroos (Germany, Real Madrid); Andres Iniesta (Spain, Barcelona)

Forwards: Lionel Messi (Argentina, Barcelona); Luis Suarez (Uruguay, Barcelona); Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid).

Around 350 Scottish players were among those casting their votes – here is who the SPFL players considered the best of 2016:


Scotland’s World 11 of 2016 is:

Goalkeeper: David de Gea (Manchester United)

Defenders: David Alaba (Bayern Munich); Gerard Pique (Barcelona); Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid); Marcelo (Real Madrid).

Midfielders: Luka Modric (Real Madrid); Paul Pogba (Manchester United); Mezut Ozil (Arsenal).

Forwards: Lionel Messi (Barcelona); Luis Suarez (Barcelona); Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid).

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FIFPro Global Employment Report: The Results

FIFPro_logo_red_textPFAS LOGO jpeg

FIFPro, the World Players’ Union, has released the findings of its first worldwide survey of working conditions in professional football.

The 2016 FIFPro Global Employment Report looks at the life of players in a way that has never been done before.

The aim of the survey, carried out amongst a cross section of its membership by PFA Scotland, is to raise awareness of the realities faced by footballers – especially those who are not among the elite at the top of the sport – with a view to better understanding and improving conditions in the industry.

Independently assessed by the University of Manchester, the survey is based on feedback from nearly 14,000 current players in 54 countries and 87 leagues in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

The survey was filled in in a strictly confidetial manner meaning no player could be identified so they were able to be as truthful as possible with their answers.

Players were asked to respond to 23 questions, covering topics such as salaries, contracts, transfers, training, matchfixing, violence, job security, health, well-being and education.

Amongst the key findings in Scotland were:

  • 36% of players had less than 10 days paid holidays
  • 19% are unsatisfied with medical support
  • 14% are insecure about unemployment as footballer
  • 35% have been threatened by fans (34% relates to match day abuse)
  • 28% have been bullied or harassed (by fans, club staff or players)

A full breakdown of Scotland’s results can be found here (

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “I would like to thank those players in Scotland who took part in this historic research. For a trade union evidence such as this cannot be questioned and helps us as we push to improve the conditions for our members.

“From a Scottish perspective the findings on annual leave and lack of medical support are of no surprise. We have raised this as an industrial matter with the SPFL, but are repeatedly told that there is no appetite from the clubs to come to an agreement with PFA Scotland about the employment conditions of our members.

“Our door is always open for discussions, but for the moment we will have to continue pressing forward with legal action when our members’ statutory rights are being breached.

“What has been made clear by our members is that some supporters over step the mark when shouting abuse at them. Being a footballer of course means that fans will boo and jeer, that is all part of the game. However, for a footballer his work place is the field of play and, like any other workers, players should be able to do their work without shouts and chanting of a discriminatory or abusive nature being hurled at them.

“We are approaching 2017, and what was deemed acceptable many years ago is not now. What we in Scotland call “banter” and comment about a player’s performance are of course fine, but today’s players are not willing to accept threatening, abusive or discriminatory chants and comment as part of our game.

“This is a hugely significant survey of footballers worldwide. Evidence from an academic survey such as this cannot be ignored by football’s governing bodies across the globe.

“Whilst its findings will surprise some people, those involved within the FIFPro movement know what has been going on for many years and have fought hard for change. It is entirely unacceptable that so many of our colleagues across the world do not get paid yet the clubs are able to hold their registration and stop a player from moving to another club.

“FIFPro works; each country has its own unique issues but we receive support from both colleagues at other unions and from FIFPro centrally when required.”

The survey shows that most players have short and fragile careers. They experience irregular pay, have uncertain futures and are often not prepared for life after football. With an average contract length of just under two years, footballers work in a highly competitive and fragmented market.

The survey debunks the myth that players enjoy a highly privileged lifestyle.

More than 45% surveyed earn less than $1000 (USD) a month. The median net monthly salary worldwide ranges between $1000 and $2000 (USD). It is only at the very top of the game that players are rewarded handsomely: just 2% of players received $720,000 (USD) or more per annum in take-home pay.

Among the key findings, 41% of players globally reported that they did not receive their salary on time on at least one occasion in the past two seasons, with the most common delays ranging from one to three months.

It is a fundamental right of any employee to be paid in full and on time; that this most basic of rights is not respected in world football is unacceptable, according to FIFPro.

The survey also found that more than 700 players (6% of those surveyed) have come under pressure to either rescind or renew their contract by being separated from their teammates and ordered to train alone. While FIFPro has been aware of this pressure tactic for years, it is the first time it has been able to quantify the scale of the problem.

In another example of unjustified treatment, 29 percent of players who moved for a transfer fee said they were either put under pressure to join another club or did not go to the team they wanted to.

Almost 7% of players reported they had personally experienced direct approaches to fix matches over the course of their career, with that figure rising to 11% for players in their thirties. Players in lower wage brackets, and those paid late, were more likely to be offered bribes to fix matches.

“This report for the first time provides a detailed and accurate picture of what the average professional player experiences,” FIFPro General-Secretary Theo Van Seggelen said. “We now have an evidence base for the reforms that are needed in the football industry. Overdue payables, forced transfers and training alone – all this must be a thing of the past.”

“We need to build a package of measures with all stakeholders. Clubs, leagues, confederations and FIFA must accept those failures of our industry. We need to guarantee minimum employment standards for all players and clubs in all countries, reform the international regulations and think about the economic future of football. The new FIFA president announced that he wanted to work with the professional game to bring about much needed reform. This report must be the starting point.”

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PFA Scotland and SFA Launch NSPCC Hotline

PFA Scotland has joined forces with the Scottish FA to launch a dedicated hotline for potential victims of abuse, in conjunction with the NSPCC.

Following a series of revelations this week regarding sexual abuse in English football, the NSPCC has launched a dedicated hotline which is being supported by the Scottish FA and PFA Scotland.

The launch of the free, independent helpline number follows former professional footballers Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Paul Stewart speaking up this week about the abuse they suffered as young footballers in England.

NSPCC figures show that across the UK boys are over five times less likely to speak up about sexual abuse than girls.  In 2015/16 Childline conducted 1,193 counselling sessions with boys about sexual abuse, compared with 6,486 girls.  Of these, 284 were conducted with girls contacting the service from Scotland with just 27 being held with boys.

The NSPCC, Scottish FA and PFA Scotland are now urging players and others involved in football from grassroots to the professional game to speak up using the NSPCC football hotline.

Staffed by independent, experienced NSPCC professionals, the helpline will offer support and guidance for victims of childhood sexual abuse within the game.

The hotline will be available 24 hours a day on 0800 023 2642.

Matt Forde, NSPCC Scotland national head of service said: “There must be no hiding place for sexual abuse in football and many adults may have suffered such horrors as young players but have never come forward.

“As this week’s revelations have shown, people must be able to speak out and get the help they need and we know that can often be more difficult for men and boys.

“We welcome the commitment of the Scottish FA and PFA Scotland to help those in the game get the support they need.”

Donna Martin, Scottish FA Child Wellbeing and Protection Manager, said: “The safety and wellbeing of children is of paramount importance to the Scottish FA, and significant steps have been taken to ensure that their protection is integral to Scottish football’s decision-making processes.

“The Scottish FA takes its role as the governing body of the national game seriously. We would urge anyone with any information relating to abuse or inappropriate behaviour – whether current or historic – to get in touch via the NSPCC’s helpline, or”

Fraser Wishart, PFA Scotland Chief Executive: “The players who have come forward in England already have shown great courage and bravery. It would be naïve to think that these allegations are unique to one part of the UK and, mindful of our responsibilities, we are pleased to be working with the Scottish FA to help create a safe environment for any player or former player – regardless of their level of participation – to come forward.

“The game has a duty of care to protect its players and we have been in dialogue with the governing body to ensure an integrated approach to a matter we take extremely seriously.”

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PFA Scotland Statement on Scottish Cup Final

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “PFA Scotland supports calls for a full and thorough independent and transparent investigation in to the post-match events at the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden on Saturday.

“Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance and it is forgotten that footballers’ workplace is the field of play, where they perform assuming like every worker that the environment is safe. On Saturday this was not the case and it is completely unacceptable that the safety of our members was compromised in the scenes which followed the full time whistle. The wellbeing of our members was endangered and they were left open to threats and intimidation. No-one should have to face these unsavoury conditions in their workplace, be it on the football pitch or an office environment.

“In the lead up to high profile matches such as Saturday’s cup final, players are advised by the authorities with regard to their behaviour on the pitch and the potential consequences in the stands of such behaviour. The players on Saturday behaved impeccably, it was their safety that was threatened and our members were left vulnerable.

“The scenes on the Hampden pitch tarnished what was a wonderful game of football and a historic day for Hibernian Football Club. It is particularly disappointing that both sets of players were denied the opportunity to go to their supporters in the traditional manner; the Hibernian players were denied the opportunity to celebrate a momentous occasion for their club with their supporters whilst the Rangers players were unable to collect their medals and acknowledge their supporters after a long season.

“We commend our members for the restraint shown under severe duress and believe that they are due a full explanation from the authorities as to how and why supporters were able to enter the field of play and threaten their safety.”

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Sign Up For PFA Scotland Showcase And Exit Trial 2016

Day 5 motley crew


Following on from the success of last year’s event, PFA Scotland are now taking names for the Showcase and Exit Trial 2016.

Once again, we will be based at North College Lanarkshire’s Broadwood base – thanks to Todd Lumsden.

In a nutshell:

* The camp runs 8-18th June at Broadwood Stadium – 10am-3pm

* Football Training Camp (open training sessions so managers and scouts can watch)

* Exit Trial game at end of 10 days which is attended by coaches, scouts and clubs from across country

* Evening sessions (Tues and Thurs) for part-time players who can’t make full 10 days

* Educational element with CV writing and interview technique sessions, access to possible employers etc to prepare for life beyond football

It is FREE to PFA Scotland members and places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Last year was a great success and some of the players who attended and went on to sign for the likes of Raith Rovers, Dumbarton and East Fife as well as signing up for education courses and finding jobs.

If you want to sign up for this year’s please contact Michelle ASAP via email or text/phone on 07796 171490.

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PFA Scotland Award Winners 2016

Kieran and Leigh

Leigh Griffiths was crowned Player of the Year last night at the annual PFA Awards in Glasgow.

Voted for by his peers, the striker took the prize ahead of fellow nominees Jonny Hayes of Aberdeen and Dundee duo Kane Hemmings and Greg Stewart.

There was success too for Griffiths Parkhead team mate Kieran Tierney. The 18 year old left back, who broke into the first team this season, picked up Young Player of the Year.

It was an equally successful evening for Old Firm rivals Rangers, who scooped a hat trick of awards.

Jimmy Nicholl and Mark Warburton John Robertson and Barrie McKay Lee Wallace

Ibrox skipper Lee Wallace was voted Championship Player of the Year, Mark Warburton was Manager of the Year while Barrie McKay’s strike against Celtic in the Scottish Cup semi-final saw him lift Goal of the Season.

In League 1, Dunfermline’s high scoring hitman Faissal El Bakhtaoui came out on top while Nathan Austin of East Fife was Player of the Year for League 2.

Faissal El Bakhtaoui Richie Foran and Nathan Austin

Special Merit Award on the night was presented to Show Racism the Red Card.


League 2 Player of Year                 Nathan Austin (East Fife)

League 1 Player of Year                 Faissal El Bakhtaoui (Dunfermline)

Championship Player of Year      Lee Wallace (Rangers)

Goal of the Season                          Barrie McKay (Rangers)

Special Merit Award                       Show Racism the Red Card

Manager of the Year                      Mark Warburton (Rangers)

Young Player of Year                      Kieran Tierney (Celtic)

Premiership Player of Year          Leigh Griffiths (Celtic)

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PFA Scotland Teams of the Year 2016

PFA Scotland is delighted to announce the Teams of the Year for the Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 as voted for by the players.

All players named in their league’s Team of the Year will receive a medal at this Sunday’s PFA Scotland Player of the Year Awards Dinner 2016, held in in the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow.

Please note all teams are in a 4-3-3 formation.

The Teams are as follows:

Premiership Team of the Year

Scott Bain                    (Dundee)

Shay Logan                  (Aberdeen)

Alim Ozturk                 (Heart of Midlothian)

Andrew Davies            (Ross County)

Kieran Tierney            (Celtic)

Jonny Hayes                (Aberdeen)

Kenny McLean            (Aberdeen)

Graeme Shinnie          (Aberdeen)

Kane Hemmings          (Dundee)

Leigh Grifffiths              (Celtic)

Greg Stewart               (Dundee)

Championship Team of the Year

Danny Rogers              (Falkirk)

James Tavernier         (Rangers)

Darren McGregor       (Hibernian)

Peter Grant                 (Falkirk)

Lee Wallace                (Rangers)

Jason Holt                    (Rangers)

John McGinn               (Hibernian)

Barrie McKay              (Rangers)

John Baird                   (Falkirk)

Martyn Waghorn        (Rangers)

Jason Cummings         (Hibernian)

League 1 Team of the Year

Graeme Smith             (Peterhead)

Nicky Devlin                (Ayr United)

Michael Dunlop          (Albion Rovers)

Ben Richards-Everton (Dunfermline Athletic)

Paddy Boyle                (Ayr United)

Liam Watt                   (Airdrieonians)

Andy Geggan               (Dunfermline Athletic)

Joe Cardle                   (Dunfermline Athletic)

Greig Spence               (Cowdenbeath)

Rory McAllister           (Peterhead)

Faissal el Bakhtaoui    (Dunfermline Athletic)

League 2 Team of the Year

Chris Smith                  (Stirling Albion)

Ricky Little                  (Arbroath)

Jonathan Page             (East Fife)

Gary Naysmith                        (East Fife)

Scott Linton                 (Clyde)

Matty Flynn                 (Annan Athletic)

Kyle Wilkie                  (East Fife)

Bobby Linn                  (Arbroath)

Peter Weatherson       (Annan Athletic)

Nathan Austin             (East Fife)

Craig Gunn                  (Elgin City)


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PFA Player and Young Player of the Year Nominees Launch

11975248 11975496

PFA Scotland is delighted to announce the nominees for this season’s Player and Young Player of the Year Awards 2016.

Players at every club across the country have had their say and this year’s nominees for Premiership Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year are as follows:

Player of the Year                                                      Young Player of the Year

Leigh Griffiths             Celtic FC                                  Jason Cummings         Hibernian FC

Jonny Hayes                Aberdeen FC                           John McGinn               Hibernian FC

Kane Hemmings          Dundee FC                               Barrie McKay              Rangers FC

Greg Stewart               Dundee FC                               Kieran Tierney            Celtic FC

This is the second year running Greg Stewart (Dundee) has been nominated for PFA Scotland Player of the Year Award, this time around he is joined by high scoring teammate Kane Hemmings.

For Hibernian duo Jason Cummings and John McGinn this is their second nomination for the PFA Awards 2016 as they are also up for Championship Player of the Year.

Leigh Griffiths (Celtic), Greg Stewart (Dundee) and Barrie McKay (Rangers) are also in contention for Goal of the Season as voted for by the public via this link

The overall winner will be announced on Sunday 1st May at PFA Scotland’s annual Awards Dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

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PFA Scotland Manager of the Year Nominees

PFA Scotland is delighted to announce the nominees for this season’s Manager of the Year Award 2016.

Managers across the country have had their say and this year’s nominees are as follows:

PFA Scotland Manager of the Year 2016

Peter Houston                         Falkirk

Jim McInally                            Peterhead

Jim McIntyre                           Ross County

Mark Warburton                     Rangers

It has been another rollercoaster ride in the dugout for all four of the nominees.

Peter Houston has guided Falkirk to the Premiership Play-Offs, although it looks like it will go to the wire to determine at which stage the Bairns enter the race. After the weekend’s fixtures, the battle for second place in the Championship between them and Hibs is closer than ever.

Peterhead boss Jim McInally led his part-time side to Hampden and a Petrofac Cup Final appearance against Rangers as well as securing a place in the Play-Offs.

Jim McIntyre got his hands on The League Cup this year and saw his Ross County side book their place in the top six of the Premiership.

Rangers manager Mark Warburton is on the verge of a treble this season having secured promotion to the Premiership, won the Petrofac Cup and beaten Old Firm rivals Celtic in a thrilling semi-final to book a place in the Scottish Cup Final against Hibs on 21st May.

The overall winner will be announced on Sunday 1st May at PFA Scotland’s annual Awards Dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

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PFA Scotland Player of the Year Nominees Launch


PFA Scotland is delighted to announce the nominees for this season’s Championship, League 1 and League 2 Player of the Year Awards 2016.

Players at every club across the country have had their say and this year’s nominees in the Championship, League 1 and League 2 are as follows:

Championship Player of the Year

Jason Cummings         Hibernian

John McGinn               Hibernian

Lee Wallace                Rangers

Martyn Waghorn        Rangers

League 1 Player of the Year

Joe Cardle                   Dunfermline

Faissal el Bakhtaoui    Dunfermline

Rory McAllister           Peterhead

Greig Spence               Cowdenbeath


League 2 Player of the Year

Nathan Austin             East Fife

Bobby Linn                  Arbroath

Peter Weatherson       Annan Athletic

Kyle Wilkie                  East Fife


Championship nominee Lee Wallace has previously been a winner at the PFA Scotland annual awards having won the League 2 Player of the Year accolade in 2013. The other three candidates are all nominated for the first time.

Peterhead striker Rory McAllister already has a hat trick of PFA Player of the Year awards to his name – two from League 1 in 2010 and 2011 and one from League 2 in 2014 – and finds himself up for nomination again after another successful season on the goals front.

Bobby Linn, from Arbroath, is hoping to do back-to-back wins in the League 2 Player of the Year category after scooping the award last year.

The overall winner will be announced on Sunday 1st May at PFA Scotland’s annual Awards Dinner at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow

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3G Pro-Player Survey Results

There has been a lot of debating around the results of The 3G Pro-Player Survey carried out in a joint venture between PFA Scotland and the SFA.

We received 705 player responses to the comprehensive survey, and the key points based on those responses are detailed below:










A. 72% SAID 3G



A. 71% SAID 3G











36% Premiership

21% Championship

17% League One

26% League Two

Should any member wish to discuss this in more detail then please contact us on 0141 353 0199 or email Stuart Lovell at


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FIFPro and PFA Scotland Announce Launch of #GameChangers

Game Changers 1

FIFPro, the union which represents 65,000 professional footballers around the world, today launches #GameChangers, an initiative aimed at promoting dialogue on a new and more sustainable vision for the game.

The scheme, backed by FIFPro’s member unions worldwide, seeks to address the governance crisis which has undermined the image of professional football.

Despite years of huge revenue growth in the game, the sporting and financial gulf between the richest and poorest clubs and leagues continues to grow.

At the same time, the development of balanced and effective standards of governance in the game has not kept pace with the speed of economic progress.

Twenty years on from the Bosman ruling, FIFPro is committed to tackling the inequalities and injustices that too many players face on a daily basis.

Fraser Wishart, PFA Scotland Chief Executive, said: “The current transfer system was designed to increase the financial stability of clubs and promote contractual stability and solidarity yet players the world over do not have their contracts respected.

“It does seem strange that players need a regulation in order to be free to find new employment when they don’t get paid but this is the reality in some countries. A rule is required saying that a player has the right to terminate without any penalty after 30 days without being paid.

“Although we rarely have this problem in Scotland, as members of FIFPro we are in solidarity with the many colleagues across the globe who work and play football but do not receive their salary at the end of the month.

“Far from wrecking the transfer system #GameChangers will be a positive, giving governing bodies, clubs, leagues and FIFPro representing players a positive opportunity to get round the table and agree a package of measures that will protect and help our game to flourish.”

Theo van Seggelen, Secretary-General of FIFPro, said: “Today our industry is faced with inadequate governance structures which have allowed abusive commercial practices to flourish and failed to protect and be accountable to players, clubs and fans. It is time for change.”

The failings of the current transfer system are the latest symptom of the mismanagement of football by the sport’s ruling bodies.

The transfer system fails in its objective to redistribute income throughout the football pyramid and encourages financial speculation that overlooks the rights of players.

It also leads to damaging side-effects, from third-party ownership of players and trafficking of minors, to speculative buy-outs of clubs to profit from transfer fees.

#GameChangers aims to help players, clubs, fans and other stakeholders to create a more sustainable game for all.

“For far too long, FIFA, national associations and clubs have ignored all these concerns,” added van Seggelen. “#GameChangers is a turning point. It is time for us to act decisively and work together with all stakeholders in developing a bold vision for the future of the game, based on collective agreements between players and the sport’s administrators.

“We need a system that is fairer and which meets the modern needs of the football industry.”

The launch of the #GameChangers initiative is a result of a thorough analysis of the many problems football has faced for years and the industry’s lack of progress in tackling the cause of these problems.

For more information on the #GameChangers initiative, please click here.

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FIFPro and FIFA Present The 2015 World XI

FIFPro 2015-WorldXI-1920

FIFPro, the representative of all professional footballers worldwide, is proud to present the 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI.

The 2015 World XI is the result of a unique vote among professional footballers across the globe which sees players voting for players, much like the PFA Awards at the end of the season.

FIFPro and its aligned unions – including PFA Scotland – collected voting ballots from 26,478 players in 68 countries, who picked their ultimate team consisting of one goalkeeper, four defenders (regardless of position), three midfielders and three forwards.

According to the voters, these eleven players were the best performers in professional football in 2015.

The 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI is:


Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)


Dani Alves (Brazil, FC Barcelona)

Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid CF)

Thiago Silva (Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain)

Marcelo (Brazil, Real Madrid CF)


Paul Pogba (France, Juventus)

Luka Modric (Croatia, Real Madrid CF)

Andrés Iniesta (Spain, FC Barcelona)


Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid CF)

Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)

Neymar Jr. (Brazil, FC Barcelona)

FIFPro have also broken down the voting to their individual member countries and there are five differences in the Scottish World XI from the overall 2015 World XI.

FIFPro WorldXI-15_Scotland-1080

Scotland’s players put Barcelona’s Jordi Alba and Bayern Munich’s David Alaba in defence ahead of Marcelo (Real Madrid) and Tiago Silva (PSG).

Real Madrid’s German midfielder Tony Kroos was preferred to Bernabeu teammate Luca Modric with Chelsea’s Eden Hazard getting the nod ahead of Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta in the middle.

And the brilliant, but controversial, figure of Luis Suarez (Barcelona) made it into the Scottish World XI playing up-front alongside Messi (Barcelona) and Ronaldo (Real Madrid) instead of Barca’s Neymar.

The World XI as chosen by Scotland’s players is:


Manuel Neuer (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)


Dani Alves (Brazil, FC Barcelona)

Sergio Ramos (Spain, Real Madrid CF)

David Alaba (Austria, Bayern Munich)

Jordi Alba (Spain, FC Barcelona)


Paul Pogba (France, Juventus)

Toni Kroos (German, Real Madrid CF)

Eden Hazard (Belgium, Chelsea)


Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal, Real Madrid CF)

Lionel Messi (Argentina, FC Barcelona)

Luis Suarez (Uruguay, FC Barcelona)

FIFPro wishes to congratulate all the players in the 2015 FIFA FIFPro World XI and all member unions around the world who assisted greatly in organising the votes of their respective players.


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PFA Scotland Newsletter


The latest edition of our Player newsletter is now available by clicking the link below.

Included in this Edition is an update on the Player Showcase and Exit Trials, the latest news from FIFPro, an introduction to our new Business Partners as well as a special offer for members from St Andrews Old Course Hotel.

To access the Newsletter simply click on the link and you can read it digitally on your laptop, ipad, tablet or phone.


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PFA Scotland Statement

It is unusual for PFA Scotland to respond when people offer their opinion on the union through the media. However, ill-informed comments have been made about PFA Scotland by Spohrt over the last couple of days which have both surprised and disappointed us.

We are always interested in new partnerships if they benefit our members, which is our sole concern. We met with Spohrt in July of this year during which they presented their programme and how they felt it would benefit our members. In essence, Spohrt wanted PFA Scotland to endorse their product which they could then present to our members. Spohrt were open about the fact that this was a business opportunity for them.

As normal we undertook a process of due diligence. Spohrt mentioned they had spoken to the Scottish FA and had run a pilot scheme with our colleagues at the PFA in England. We looked at feedback from this pilot and spoke with the PFA to garner their views. The PFA informed us they chose not to take matters further with Spohrt.

We were also aware that they had met with the PFA in Ireland. It was found that all of these bodies had turned down the opportunity to partner Spohrt for various reasons.

Taking all the evidence into consideration, we came to the conclusion that, on balance, the Spohrt programme was not something we would endorse.

If Spohrt’s product is the best on the market then it should be successful and our endorsement makes no difference.

In the meantime, we will contact our members, explaining why we took the decision not to partner Spohrt. It will then be entirely their own personal decision whether or not to make use of the company’s services.

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Job Opportunities

PFA Scotland has been contacted by Show Racism the Red Card and Global Premier Soccer about some possible job opportunities for our members.

See the infomation below, which includes contact details for anyone wishing to enquire or apply.


We are now advertising for the position of Campaign Manager with Show Racism The Red Card, click the link below for more information or to apply.

Global Premier Soccer

Global Premier Soccer have allocated three new coaching positions to fill for August 2015 (post try-outs) – 1 in Boston (Massachusetts)  , 1 in Charlotte (North Carolina) and 1 in Atlanta (Georgia)

These are 4 month opportunities until the end of November with the option to go back out between January and March 2016)

Need to have minimum of Level 2 coaching qualification , 2 years’ experience coaching, playing background, full drivers license, clean passport, clean police background check.

Can be male or female – aged between 19-30.

If you are interested then please contact Philip Mitchell on as soon as possible as positions need filled urgently.


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Player Showcase: Thank You

The PFA Scotland/DPS Group Player Showcase and Exit Trial might be over but the hard part has only just begun.

It’s now over to the players to further impress any managers, coaches and scouts that contact them in pre-season and hopefully win themselves a contract for the 2015/16 season.

Day 5 motley crew

We’d like to thank all the managers and clubs for their turnout on Saturday and also the media for their fantastic coverage throughout the week and raising the players profiles.

At PFA Scotland we’ll be doing all we can to support the boys (including washing all the kit!) who took part last week as well as our members in general.

PS aftermath - dirty kit

There’s also a few thank you’s to get through -

Our sponsors DPS Group for their support and inparticular Managing Director John Green and Fiona Hunter for their delivery of the education aspect – the boys really enjoyed the CV Writing and Interview Technique workshops.

Showcase IT 2

New College Lanarkshire and Todd Lumsden for allowing us to use their base at the Broadwood Campus for the week – from the changing rooms to the gym and classrooms, it was first class. Todd also gave the boys a short presentation on the courses available at NCL for them to study.


Graeme Atkinson and his staff at Broadwood for the pitch time and doing all they could to accommodate us.

Our Insurance Partners Sport Insure – who covered all the players for the week. Martin Delany and his team have been great supporters and we look forward to working them again in the future.

Sport Insure Logo

Steven Dow and Football Nation for the amazing Red and Blue strips the players wore in Saturday’s Exit Trial.

Kurt Anderson and Police Scotland for giving the boys advice on a future career on the beat.

Fitness Trainer Alan Thomson, who spoke to the boys about volunteering at the Kibble School, Paisley.

All of our guest coaches – John Rankin, Mark Wilson, Craig Easton, Neil McCann, Todd Lumsden, Allan Moore and Goalkeeping coach Paul Gallacher. Plus Sports Therapist Dominic Green, of DG Injury Clinic, and Dunfermline physio Kenny Murray.

Showcase Day 2 - caochesDay 4 coaches

Last, but not least, the players who got involved and our resident Head Coaches Andrew Barrowman and Richard Brittain along with goalie coach Derek Gaston – we couldn’t have done it without you guys!


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PFA Scotland Awards Winners 2015

Celtic did the double at last night’s PFA Scotland Awards Dinner.

Midfielder Stefan Johansen was crowned PFA Scotland Player of the Year while teammate Jason Denayer picked up Young Player of the Year at the annual awards ceremony in Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel.

Inverness Manager John Hughes was awarded Manager of the Year pipping Ronny Deila, Derek McInnes and Robbie Neilson to the trophy.

In a very tight category contested by both Edinburgh clubs, Hibs Scott Allan came out on top to lift the Championship Player of the Year – ahead of Hearts trio Jamie Walker, Alim Ozturk and Morgaro Gomis.

A day after winning the League One title, Morton’s Declan McManus – on loan from Aberdeen – added the League One Player of the Year to his accolades for the season.

Arbroath’s Bobby Linn was the winner in the League Two category edging out teammate Simon Murray, Elgin striker Shane Sutherland and Queen’s Park’s Paul Woods.

Sky Sports Goal of the Season – presented by Sky Sports News anchor Hayley McQueen – was won by St Mirren’s Stephen Mallan for his superb goal against Dundee at Dens Park.

This year’s Special Merit Award went to Dundee United’s Jordan Moore for his inspirational attitude which has seen him raise thousands for charity since being diagnosed with melonoma skin cancer at the start of last year.

A huge thank you to all our winners, nominees and guest presenters on the night.

The Full List of Winners are:

PFA Scotland Player of the Year – Stefan Johansen (Celtic)

PFA Scotland Young Player of the Year – Jason Denayer (Celtic)

PFA Scotland Manager of the Year – John Hughes (Inverness CT)

PFA Scotland Special Merit Award – Jordan Moore (Dundee United)

Sky Sports Goal of the Season – Stephen Mallan (St Mirren)

PFA Scotland Championship Player of the Year – Scott Allan (Hibernian)

PFA Scotland League One Player of the Year – Declan McManus (Greenock Morton)

PFA Scotland League Two Player of the Year – Bobby Linn (Arbroath)


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PFA Scotland Announce Teams of the Year

Scotland’s football players have had the ultimate say on who makes up their Teams of the Year 2015.

After much deliberation and counting, the four Teams of the Year from across all four SPFL divisions has been released.

Celtic and Aberdeen provide eight players for the Premiership team with the remaining three players coming from Inverness Caledonian Thistle, Dundee and Dundee United.

In a 4 – 3 – 3 line-up, the Celtic Park trio of Stuart Armstrong, Scott Brown and Stefan Johansen take the midfield berths.

Runaway title winners Hearts have six players in the Championship side while Edinburgh rival Hibs supply three.

In the League 1 team, evergreen Rab Douglas takes the goalkeeping jersey at the grand old age of 43. Two of his Forfar Athletic team-mates also join him in the side.

Queen’s Park have three players in the League 2 team while title winners Albion Rovers supply two and 39-year-old Marvin Andrews, of Montrose, also gets a jersey.

The Teams of the Year are:

Premiership: Craig Gordon (Celtic), Shay Logan (Aberdeen), Jason Denayer (Celtic), Virgil van Dijk (Celtic), Graeme Shinnie (Inverness CT), Stuart Armstrong (Celtic), Scott Brown (Celtic), Stefan Johansen (Celtic), Ciftci (Dundee United), Rooney (Aberdeen), Stewart (Dundee).

Championship: Neil Alexander (Hearts), David Gray (Hibs), Alim Ozturk (Hearts), Danny Wilson (Hearts), Lewis Stevenson (Hibs), Scott Allan (Hibs), Morgaro Gomis (Hearts), Jamie Walker (Hearts), Gavin Reilly (Queen of the South), Rory Loy, (Falkirk), Osman Sow (Hearts).

League 1: Rab Douglas (Forfar Athletic), Mark Russell (Greenock Morton), Stuart Malcolm (Forfar Athletic), Frank McKeown (Stranraer), Paddy Boyle (Airdrieonians), Alan Trouten (Brechin City), Jamie Stevenson (Peterhead), Willie Gibson (Stranraer), Gavin Swankie (Forfar Athletic), Declan McManus (Morton), Bobby Barr (Brechin City).

League 2: Neil Parry (Albion Rovers), Shaun Rooney (Queen’s Park), Michael Dunlop (Albion Rovers), Marvin Andrews (Montrose), Ross Dunlop (Albion Rovers), Bobby Linn (Arbroath), Darren Miller (Queen’s Park), Paul Woods (Queen’s Park), Shane Sutherland (Elgin City), Peter Weatherson (Annan Athletic), Simon Murray (Arbroath).


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Gordon Strachan Announces PFAS Manager of Year Nominees


Gordon Strachan has announced the four nominees for the PFA Scotland Manager of the Year Awards.

All 42 managers across the SPFL’s four divisions cast their vote for what is the ultimate accolade for any manager.

The four nominees are: Ronny Deila (Celtic), John Hughes (Inverness CT), Derek McInnes (Aberdeen), Robbie Neilson (Heart of Midlothian).

PFA Scotland Chief Executive Fraser Wishart commented: “We are delighted that Gordon took time out to help us in our search for PFA Scotland Manager of The Year, 2015.

“It has been an interesting season so far with Celtic shining in the SPFL and Aberdeen pushing them all the way.

“The Championship race has been completely dominated by a rampant Hearts while Rangers and Hibs have gone toe to toe for the second spot. The other divisions have also produced some great games.

“The League 1 race is going to the last game with Stranraer, Morton and Forfar all in contention to be crowned champions. A much-improved Albion Rovers side lifted the League 2 title and Livingston played well lifting the Petrofac Cup. It speaks much about the managerial talent we have in this country across all of the divisions.”

The PFA Scotland Manager of the Year 2015 will be announced at the PFA Scotland Awards Dinner this Sunday, 3rd May, hosted in conjunction with sponsor, Cheque Centre.

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PFA Scotland Player of the Year Nominees


The votes have been cast and we now have our eight nominees for PFA Scotland Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year.

Celtic’s Stefan Johansen and Virgil van Dijk, who was also on last year’s shortlist, Aberdeen striker Adam Rooney and Greg Stewart of Dundee are the four nominees in the Player of the Year category.

The four shortlisted for Young Player of the Year are Celtic defender Jason Denayer, Hearts duo Sam Nicholson and Jamie Walker – also up for Championship Player of the Year – and Inverness starlet Ryan Christie.

All eight nominees were at the Hilton Hotel, Glasgow, for yesterday’s launch.

The winners will be announced and presented with their awards at a star-studded dinner at the Hilton Glasgow on Sunday 3rd May sponsored by Cheque Centre.

PFA Scotland Chief Executive Fraser Wishart said: “We are delighted all the nominees came along to the launch especially the likes of Adam Rooney and Ryan Christie who had long journeys to get there.

“It shows how much this award means to the players as it is voted for by the players. There is no greater honour in football than to be voted the best player in your country by your fellow professionals.”

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PFA Announce Player of the Year Nominees


PFA Scotland today revealed the Player of the Year 2015 nominees for the Championship, League One and League Two.

Edinburgh rivals Hearts and Hibs dominate the Championship category with three of the title winning Tynecastle side in the running – Morgaro Gomis, Alim Ozturk and Jamie Walker – alongside Easter Road midfielder Scott Allan.

In League One, Peterhead’s Jamie Stevenson, Alan Trouten of Brechin City, Morton’s Declan McManus and Willie Gibson of Stranraer are the leading contenders.

And in League 2, Arbroath duo Bobby Linn and Simon Murray are joined by Shane Sutherland of Elgin City as well as Queen’s Park’s Paul Woods.

All 12 nominees turned up for the launch at Edinburgh’s Marriott Hotel.

The winners will be announced and presented with their awards at a star-studded dinner at the Hilton Glasgow on Sunday 3rd May sponsored by Cheque Centre.

PFA Scotland Chief Executive Fraser Wishart said: “This is the top award for players. There is no greater honour in football than to be voted the best player in your league by your fellow professionals.”

SPFL Championship Nominees: Scott Allan (Hibs), Morgaro Gomis (Hearts), Alim Ozturk (Hearts) and Jamie Walker (Hearts).

SPFL League 1 Nominees: Willie Gibson (Stranraer), Declan McManus (Morton), Jamie Stevenson (Peterhead), and Alan Trouten (Brechin City).

SPFL League 2 Nominees: Bobby Linn (Arbroath), Simon Murray (Arbroath), Shane Sutherland (Elgin) and Paul Woods (Queen’s Park).

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PFA Scotland Player of the Year Launch


REIGNING PFA Scotland Player of the Year Kris Commons was at Hampden today to launch the voting for the PFA Scotland Player of the Year Award 2015.

The Celtic star joined PFA Scotland Chief Executive Fraser Wishart as the search for the top player’s in the country got underway.

Voting has officially kicked off across all four leagues with the overall winners set to be revealed at a glittering Awards ceremony on Sunday 3rd May at Glasgow’s Hilton Hotel.

As the Awards are voted for by the players themselves they are considered the ultimate accolade.

Hear who 2014 winner Kris Commons believes should succeed him as PFA Scotland’s Player of the Year:

Click here if video doesn’t play

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PFA Scotland Launch Search for Player of the Year

Kris Commons

As the football season approaches its run-in, Celtic’s Kris Commons will today (Tuesday 7th April) launch the voting for the Cheque Centre PFA Scotland Player of the Year Awards.

Kris was voted PFA Scotland Player of the Year in 2014 (pictured receiving his award form Gary McAllister) after an outstanding season for Celtic.

Today, he will give his thoughts on who deserves to be nominated for this year’s award.

All players across the four divisions will take part in the voting process, nominating the top players in their respective divisions, choosing the top young talent from across all four leagues and selecting the team of the year in their league.


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PFA Scotland Newsletter


Welcome to the 12th edition of Player, the PFA Scotland Newsletter.

In this edition we look at Education and how players across the various divisions are mixing it up with their playing careers.

There’s also news on our Wellbeing Fund, FIFPro’s 50th birthday celebrations and updates from chief executive Fraser Wishart and player liaison Stuart Lovell.

To read the Newsletter click below:

PFAS Newsletter Issue 12

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PFA Scotland Sign Up To New Mental Health Charter

Mental Health Charter_Social Media Image 2

PFA Scotland is delighted to announce it has signed up to The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance alongside the Professional Players Federation and with support from the mental health charity Mind, today launched The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation with the backing of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation sets out how sport can use its collective power to tackle mental ill health and the stigma that surrounds it. The country’s biggest sports organisations, including The FA, LTA, RFU, ECB and UK Athletics, have already signed-up.

The Charter aims to tackle stigma using the power of sport and recreation, emphasise the benefits to mental health and wellbeing of an active lifestyle and to encourage the wider sector to showcase best practice and to make real progress in tackling issues around mental health.

Physical activity is good for your body but it’s great for your mind too.  Every year, one-in-four people will experience a mental health problem. Yet it is still something much of the population is reluctant to talk about or address, with 90% of people with mental health problems having experienced discrimination.

This is something that has to change.

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “PFA Scotland is delighted to sign up to the Charter. The mental health of our members has become a major issue for us as the players’ union. Our “Mind Games” video was hugely successful in raising awareness and addressing the stigma often attached to mental health.

“The Union already provides bespoke support and counselling for players working alongside SAMH and within the Mental Health in Football Forum in Scotland. Issues affecting players range from anxiety to lack of emotion and confidence and in worst cases suicidal tendencies.

“By continuing to work with these agencies, our PPF colleagues and player associations in other sports along with the governing bodies we can encourage anyone, not only our members, who has any problems to come forward and talk about them.”

Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance wants more people to understand the impact of physical activity on mental wellbeing: “Evidence from our research report Game of Life outlined how exercise can be as effective as anti-depressants for those with mild clinical depression.

“This is one of those areas where sport and physical activity really can change lives but there’s not enough awareness of it as a treatment or as a way of preventing people from falling into poor mental health in the first place.

“Too much of the association between sport and mental health is negative – like when a top athlete suffers problems. We want to re-frame that relationship so that people understand that sport is a positive place for conversations about mental health.”

Brendon Batson OBE, Executive Chairman of the Professional Players Federation, believes that sport can make a real difference to mental health: “By de-stigmatising mental health in sport and by promoting physical activity as a way of treating poor mental health, organisations signing up to the Charter will be making a difference to people across the UK.”

The Charter outlines five actions that we, as a sector, can take to help make mental health a commonly understood matter and to help those in need.

We will:

• Use the power of sport and recreation to promote wellbeing, with a special focus on encouraging physical activity and social interaction for their contribution to good mental health.

• Publicly promote and adopt good mental health policies and best practice within our sports and recreational activities.

• Promote positive public health messages using diverse role models and ambassadors to reduce the stigma attached to mental health problems.

• Actively tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

• Support the establishment of a pan-sport platform to work closely with the mental health sector to develop and share networks, resources and best practice.

• Regularly monitor our performance, assess progress and take positive action on mental health issues.

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Sign Up For FIFPro Online Degree

Stuart and Andy

If you’re thinking about planning for a future outside of the game and wondering how you can combine football and studying then the FIFPro Online Degree could be the answer.

The FIFPro Online Academy – an education programme launched in 2011 and specifically developed for professional footballers (and other athletes) – is looking for new students for the 2015/16 season.

Next Wednesday, the World Players’ Union will reach a special milestone with the graduations of the first graduates from its Online Academy at a special ceremony in FIFPro House near Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At the same time, FIFPro and all player unions across Europe are inviting a new crop of plyers to sign up for the 2015-2016 class of the FIFPro Online Academy.

PFA Scotland currently has four Scottish players studying at the Online Academy – Dunfermline’s Andrew Barrowman, currently in his second year, and Scott Boyd (Ross County), Ziggy Gordon (Hamilton) and Marc Waters (Partick Thistle) who are half way through their first year.

Last year Andrew did a 12 week internship at PFA Scotland as part of his studies and would recommend it to fellow pros.

He said: “The FIFPro Online Academy provides me with a unique platform for a very flexible and versatile mode of learning, it allows me to tailor my studies around my busy and ever-changing schedule as a professional footballer.

“The specialised methods used to deliver the education have enabled me to work towards earning a Sports Management degree without any disruption to my football career.

“I have been a student of the FIFPro Online Academy for almost two years now and despite working as an online student I have never felt detached or without support at any point throughout this period, this is due to the ever-present help and guidance provided to all students.

“I am so glad I chose to join the FIFPro Online Academy as not only have I learned a great deal through my studies, but I have also made friendships and connections with people from all over Europe that will hopefully be of benefit to me in my future potential career path.

“I would highly recommend the FIFPro Online Academy to any professional sports person who is looking to prepare for their future after their current career comes to an end.”

Education ranks highly on FIFPro’s priority list. An average career as a professional footballer is a short one compared to a ‘regular’ workers career.

The average length is approximately 8 years, which implies that for many pros a career will only last a couple of years. Most professional footballers will retire at the age of 35 or earlier and almost all of them will need a new career, because only a handful of footballers end their careers as multimillionaires.

A proper education is crucial to begin a new career and earn a living.

“That’s why we launched the FIFPro Online Academy”, says Frederique Winia, FIFPro Online Academy Manager. “As a players’ union, we also have the obligation to help our members – our professional footballers – prepare for life after their active playing career”.

Many professional footballers would like to combine their active football career with education. FIFPro has developed an educational programme with Danish University UCN, which is particularly appropriate for footballers to be able to follow alongside their football career: the FIFPro Online Academy. This offers a Sport Management programme which takes approximately 7 semesters (3-1/2 years) before the students receive their BA degree in Sports Management.

The FIFPro Online Academy is a virtual class with a real teacher. Lessons are recorded and can be watched online at any time. This gives the students all the freedom to study when it suits them best.

There are currently, more than 100 students from all over Europe following the programme.

Anyone interested in joining Andrew, Scott, Ziggy and Marc at the FIFPro Online Academy should contact Michelle Evans at or call 07796 171490. Students can subscribe until July 1st.

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Scotland Decides on 2014 World XI

Scotland World XI

This is Scotland’s 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI as voted by the SPFL’s players.

Just under 23,500 professional players from each of FIFPro’s 58 member unions – including PFA Scotland – had their say in one of the most thrilling votes in the ten year World XI history, with some players involved in a gripping neck-and-neck race, especially for the final spot on the defenders’ line and the forwards’ line.

The overall World XI was as follows:

Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich); Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Thiago Silva (PSG), David Luiz (PSG) Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich); Andres Iniesta (Barcelona), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Angel Di Maria (Man Utd); Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich), Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona).

Scotland’s World XI was a little bit different with FOUR notable changes – even a little controversial up front – in your line up (changes are shown in capitals below):

Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich); VINCENT COMPANY (Man City), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Thiago Silva (PSG), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich); XABI ALONSO (Bayern Munich), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), LUKA MODRIC (Real Madrid); Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), Lionel Messi (Barcelona), LUIS SUAREZ (Barcelona).

Voting across our clubs caused quite a stir and the final World XI is certain to do the same so – let the debate begin!

To check out every countries 2014 World XI click here:


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PFA Scotland Praise for Hearts Administration Pay-Out to Players


PFA Scotland has welcomed the news that Hearts have settled all outstanding administration debts owed to their players.

The club has now fully paid all salaries due from the Romanov regime prior to administration and to the five players made redundant – including John Sutton and Andy Driver – during the administration process.

PFA Scotland were called in by the players when the Tynecastle club were on the brink of administration in June 2013 to look after the welfare and rights of their members.

They were involved in crucial behind the scenes talks with administrator BDO and league bosses to ensure any purchase agreement clearly stated that debts to players had to be met.

That debt has now been settled in full by new owner Ann Budge as of the end of November 2014 with a substantial six figure sum paid to those players affected.

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “We’re delighted to hear our members have received all the outstanding monies owed to them.

“Hearts have been great to deal with and settled these debts very quickly. Ann Budge and her team have dealt with the matter in a courteous and professional manner which has led to these debts being settled in a short period of time.

“As a union we have fought hard to ensure that monies owed to our members are viewed in the same way as monies owed to other clubs, i.e. what is commonly known as “football debt”. There is no provision within the standard players contract to allow for unilateral termination by a club using the administration process and therefore terminating a player’s contract in this way is viewed as an ordinary wrongful breach of contract. In recent administrations our members at Dundee and Dunfermline have also had monies owed to them paid as part of the CVA and purchase agreement.”

In the last 15 years, Fraser Wishart and PFA Scotland have represented its members in administrations at various clubs including Rangers, Motherwell, Airdrieonians and Livingston.


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Media Training Course 2015

Media Training

Fancy a career as a tv or radio pundit when you hang up your boots?

Or perhaps you want to hone your presentation skills, before you unleash yourself on a dressing room full of players?

If that’s the case then PFA Scotland, and their media partner Enterprise Screen, will be running a Media Training Course for its members in the New Year.

The two day course – run over two consecutive Wednesday’s – will cover a range of topics including:

  • Pre and Post-Match interview simulation
  • Creation of speeches and presentations
  • On-camera presentations with a review including helpful hints and tips from the professionals
  • On-camera interviews in a safe and confidential environment
  • Understanding body language


This is the tenth season since the inaugural course and among those who have participated are Aberdeen boss Derek McInnes, former goalkeeper-turned-lawyer Derek Stillie, St Johnstone’s Chris Millar (now a columnist with The Sun), new Hearts boss Robbie Neilson and PFA Scotland chairman John Rankin, who regularly features as a pundit on Sportscene.

We’ve already got a few players who have shown an interest in this the upcoming course so if you want to join them then please contact me asap by emailing or call my mobile 07796 171490.

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Wellbeing Fund/Jordan Moore Dinner A Success

ScreenHunter_324 Nov. 20 09.52

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported the PFA Scotland Wellbeing Fund/Jordan Moore Dinner last Friday.

A good night was had by all, topped by the fact that Scotland beat the Republic of Ireland 1-0, courtesy of a Shaun Maloney goal, to stay on course to qualify for Euro 2016.

Around 180 guests joined us at the Thistle Hotel and very generously dug deep to raise money for Dundee United’s Jordan Moore, who is currently battling cancer, and our recently launched Wellbeing Fund which will allow us to provide on-going expert advice and counselling for our members experiencing mental health issues, gambling and other such addictions.

The great and good of Scottish Football were there including Hibs manager Alan Stubbs, Dundee United manager Jackie McNamara, Arabs skipper – and PFA Chairman – John Rankin and Celtic legend Billy McNeill.

ScreenHunter_329 Nov. 20 09.58

There were a few other well kent faces in the audience including Still Game’s Sanjeev Koli (Navid) and Paul Riley (Winston).

Host for the evening was Peter Martin who conducted a pre-match Q&A with special guests Stephen McManus and James McFadden.

Overall the night was a great success and we’re hoping it will be the first of many.

ScreenHunter_315 Nov. 20 09.47


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PFA Scotland Launch Wellbeing Fund

Dinner Invite

PFA Scotland are delighted to announce the launch of the PFA Scotland Wellbeing Fund.

Over the years, the players union have spearheaded campaigns relating to a variety of issues which affect their members including Mental Health and Gambling.

Just a fortnight ago, with PFA Scotland’s support, Peterhead striker David Cox became the latest player to come forward and openly talk about his battle with mental health problems in a bid to raise awareness.

The PFA Scotland Wellbeing Fund will ensure that David and other players with similar issues will continue to receive the expert care and counselling they need.

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland, said: “Over the years we have had a number of initiatives aimed at educating and helping our members in their lives both on and off the pitch.

“The welfare of our members is of paramount importance to us and it’s become clear that more and more players are needing our help for a number of issues, be it mental health, gambling or their general health.

“It is a big responsibility and comes with a number of implications, not least of which is financial. We want to provide the best service possible to our members so we decided to form the Wellbeing Fund to help us provide on-going expert advice and counselling for our members.”

Queen of the South forward Iain Russell was the face of PFA Scotland’s ‘Mind Games’ film where he spoke out about his own personal issues and is urging everyone to give their support to the new initiative.

He said: “PFA Scotland were there for me during some troubling times and I would encourage any player experiencing issues to approach them. The help and support I got from them has been invaluable and I think the Wellbeing Fund is a great idea.”

The first event to raise money for the Wellbeing Fund will be a dinner at the Thistle Hotel on Friday 14th November.

As their members wellbeing is crucial to everything they do, money raised at the dinner will be split between the Wellbeing Fund and Jordan Moore – the Dundee United starlet who beat skin cancer and has set up his own fundraising charity to raise money to help in the fight against the killer disease.

Jordan said: “I think it is great that PFA Scotland are starting a Wellbeing Fund to help their members and raise awareness of issues that affect players in their everyday lives. I’m very thankful they’ve chosen to help me raise money to help fight cancer.”

Former Scotland stars James McFadden, Kenny Miller and Stephen McManus will join guests for a dinner and a pre-match Q&A session before watching the crucial Euro 2016 qualifier between Scotland and the Republic of Ireland on giant screens.

Tables of 10 cost £500 – individual tickets £50 – and there will be an auction and raffle on the night too.

To book a table – or for more information – contact Michelle Evans at PFA Scotland on 07796 171490 or email

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SRtRC Weekend Of Action

Scotland SRtRCSRtRC logo 1

The 2014/15 Show Racism the Red Card Weekend of Action takes place across the Scotland’s football grounds this weekend.

At every SPFL game across the country this weekend (Friday 17th October/Saturday 18th October) clubs will unite in calling for an end to racism in both football and society in general.

They will be joined by players from more than 40 European countries as part of the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network which is against racism and discrimination.

The Scotland national team showed their support for the campaign during their get together ahead of last weekend’s 1-0 win over Georgia.

Fraser Wishart, Chief Executive of PFA Scotland said: “PFA Scotland is proud to once again be a sponsor of the Fortnight of Action. Show Racism the Red Card staff do sterling work throughout the year, in particular working with young people and schools. A lot of this goes unnoticed in the media which is why the Fortnight of Action is important to promote publically all the good work that is done behind the scenes.

“Huge steps have been made towards eradicating racism from the game in this country; we must not however become complacent as there is always work to do and must continue to support the good work of the campaign.

“The players’ union have been supporters of the campaign since its inception when Tony Higgins was one the main driving forces in the formation of the Scottish arm.

“Since then Show Racism the Red Card has become a model for anti-racist campaigns in football throughout the world. Our members have been strong in their support over the years and will once again get fully behind the message that racism and other forms of discrimination are not acceptable within Scottish football.”

For more information on the Weekend of Action go to the Show Racism the Red Card website

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FIFA FIFPro World XI Voting Underway Among PFAS Members


Players from Inverness and Ross County have had their say in this season’s 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI vote.

Both sets of players made their choices last week during one of our PFA Scotland visits.

Richie ForanCounty FIFPro pic

Inverness captain Richie Foran and his teammates – currently sitting third in the Scottish Premiership after an impressive start to the season – took their time deciding who got the nod as they followed in the steps of last year’s winner Cristiano Ronaldo and his Real Madrid teammates in selecting their World XI.

Their local rivals Ross County followed suit with assistant manager Billy Dodds giving the lads a few pointers on who he thought should be included.

Over the next few weeks, Stuart and Michelle from PFA Scotland will be asking players from across the country to join the lads from Inverness and Ross County in casting their votes for the ultimate prize which will be announced next January at the Ballon d’Or in Switzerland.

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Old Course Deal for PFAS Members


PFA Scotland have teamed up with the Old Course Hotel St Andrews to give our members an International Break offer.

The internationally renowned hotel – famous for its golfing connections – has just hosted the Dunhill Links Championship won by English golfer Oliver Wilson.

So if you fancy getting away from it all during the international break and maybe fitting in a round at the Old Course then the hotel is offering a deal of £150 per room Bed and Breakfast.

Anyone interested should contact Fiona Gray, Senior Sales Manager, on 07791 889674 or email

You will need to quote your PFA Scotland membership to access the deal.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Launches the World XI Vote


The vote for the 2014 FIFA FIFPro World XI has officially been launched.

For the tenth consecutive year, FIFPro invites up all professional footballers worldwide to vote for their World XI.

The reigning World Footballer of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo filled in the first ballot for this year’s players’ vote starting the debate on which eleven players will make it into this year’s team.
ronaldo 2

On Monday January 12, the all star 11 will be announced jointly by FIFA and FIFPro at the Ballon d’Or in Switzerland.

Luis Rubiales, FIFPro Vice President and President of Spanish players union AFE, officially handed the first ballot to Cristiano Ronaldo.

More than twenty thousand professional footballers worldwide will follow Ronaldo’s example in the upcoming month.

They will chose the eleven players who according to them deserve most to be in the World XI – they must pick 1 goalkeeper, 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers.

“I am proud and pleased to be here and to be able to nominate the best eleven players in the world”, said Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been a member of the World XI since 2007, a record 7 selections.

“It means a lot to be part of the best eleven in the world. The players are the guys who really understand this business more than anybody else. I hope that I will be voted for the eighth consecutive year – that would be amazing.”

Ronaldo explained how he produced his World XI: “There are many criteria. They are what a player has done in the past season, the titles he has won at both the collective level and the individual level, and the start of this season too.

“It is about the players who are more consistent and who demonstrate a high level all through the year and also have obtained the most important titles, which in my opinion were the Champions League and the World Championship.

“I think those are the criteria that should count the most.”

PFA Scotland will be giving forms to all our members over the coming weeks so they can play their part in deciding who makes it into the FIFA FIFPro World XI.


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PFA Scotland Website Changes


The PFA Scotland website will be undergoing a few changes over the coming weeks as we update the site.

Please bear with us as while we are making a few improvements and please keep checking the site regularly to see what has changed.

We value our members feedback so if there is anything you would like to see on the website that isn’t already there then please contact Michelle Evans on or call her on 07796 171490.

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PFA Scotland is delighted to make available the eleventh edition of  its “Player” newsletter.

Included in the final publication for season 2013-14 is a feature on Livingston’s Andrew Barrowman and his participation in the FIFPro degree course, Brett Molloy of East Stirlingshire discuss his experience with social media, while former Partick Thistle youngster Bradley Halsman describes his new business venture.

There is also a review of the launch of the educational film Mind Games: Mental Health in Scottish football, a look back at the recent CV and Career Planning course, along with information on third party ownership and social dialogue.

To read the newsletter online please click on the following link:








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