About: About PFA Scotland


PFA Scotland is an independent trade union for professional footballers which was formed in July 2007 at the request of the players. We are committed to protecting players’ rights insuring they are equipped for future challenges and we are dedicated to doing the very best for our members both now and in the future.

We offer our members a wide range of services and advice meaning that players are receiving an excellent level of representation covering all aspects of the game.


PFA Scotland provides bespoke Employment Law Advice to our members who may become involved in contractual disputes, and indeed some have been involved in recent high profile cases. The knowledge of football regulations from within our team  combined with our lawyer Margaret Gribbon’s expertise in Employment Law means players are better protected than ever before.


We have also recently launched a Player Management Agency called Pro-Legal which enables PFA Scotland to actively represent players in contract negotiations, and offer a bespoke service which will offer enormous benefits to players as they progress in their careers.


PFA Scotland realises that we have to be more than simply a trade union as football contracts have become increasingly more complicated and shorter leading to less security for the majority of players. With this is mind, Education and Training – both inside and outside of football – are of huge importance to us and something we feel should be a part of every player’s future planning.

Consequently, we now offer comprehensive and expert advice to all players considering their post playing career. Alongside the expertise, we are able to offer financial assistance to those players looking to undertake courses.


We also believe that players require the best advice in certain areas and our associated Business Partners always act in the players’ interests and their services are listed in the Commercial section of our website.


At PFA Scotland, we are continually looking to inform and educate players on matters which look after their welfare both on a professional and personal level. In this respect, we joined forces with SAMH and SEE ME to promote mental health awareness with a film entitled ‘Mind Games: Mental Health in Scottish Football’.

In conjunction with the RCA Trust, we piloted a Gambling Awareness project which targets the issue of sporting integrity within football and offers assistance to those with any personal gambling issues. We then took this a step further with the ‘Don’t Fix It’ campaign going out to clubs to educate players about the dangers of Match and Spot Fixing.

All these topics and others, including Anti-Discrimination and Social Networking, can be found in our Advice Section.

Whatever we do as an organisation has to be for the good of the game.  We recognise the strengths players bring to our National game, and we will continue to work with the governing bodies to improve the product on offer in Scotland.