IT Skills Course


PFA Scotland are offering FREE accredited IT courses to its members at various locations around Scotland.

The courses are part of our Education & Career Exit Strategy planning headed up by PFA Scotland’s new Personal Development Officer Michael Hart and aim to give our members the skills to prepare for a life beyond football.

With the help of funding from the Scottish Union Learning and will be running these courses throughout the 2017/18 season.

The courses will give players the ability to work competently with Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint – something you will need at some point in your future career – and are hosted by lecturers from City of Glasgow College.

At the end of the 10 weeks you will receive a certificate of completion.

The first course kicked off at the start of October at St Mirren with participants including Saints stars Stelios Demetriou and Adam Eckersley along with Morton players Gary Irvine and Bob McHugh.

Here's what some of the lads had to say at the end of their 10 weeks.

“I did the IT Course to help and get me back up to date with working all Windows programmes and set ups. For the last 8 years I had changed to apple devices (iPads,Macs) and got accustomed to using them. So when I got my daughter a laptop for her Christmas that had Windows installed I struggled with how everything worked. Windows and all its programmes had changed a lot, so for me the course was a way of getting comfortable and understanding Windows and my way around a laptop again.

“The IT course has refreshed my memory on how to use Word, but as I’d never used Powerpoint or Excel before it gave me the opportunity to learn them. This allows you to do so much more and after just one week I was able to make my own CV."

PETER MacDONALD (Stirling Albion)
“I decided to do the IT course so that it would improve my chances of getting a job and to also improve my PowerPoint skills which I need for my coaching work. I have gained a lot of knowledge in PowerPoint, Excel and Word which has already helped me with my job. The course has been really enjoyable which has been down to the group of players and also our tutor Paula who has been amazing. I would definitely recommend this course to other footballers who want to improve their computer skills.”

“I decided to do the IT Skills Course to improve my computer skills and for future development. The course was in a friendly environment with a helpful teacher and I felt I really progressed as the weeks went on. I’d tell other players to go on the course because it is always a plus to have knowledge on IT generally and will be useful for the future after football.”

“I joined the course as I felt it would be a good thing on my CV for after football ends (as we all know football doesn't last forever). The fact it was a free course was a bonus. I have enjoyed that you’re in with fellow football players so it's not like your sitting in a quiet classroom - everyone is having a laugh, but learning at the same time. I do also think that has been down to the teacher who has been patient with all the boys. No matter what level your computer skills are at I think you’ll learn something from the course so it’s definitely worthwhile.”

If you're interested in signing up for an IT Skills Course then contact Michael Hart on 07894 584778 or email .