4th July 2012

PFA Scotland Solicitor Margaret Gribbon of Bridge Litigation has today written to all English Premier League and Championship Clubs responding to Charles Green’s letter to them dated 29th June 2012.

Ms Gribbon stated “I have been furnished with a copy of Mr Green’s letter sent to English Clubs in their top two divisions and consider that it amounts to an attempt to deliberately misrepresent my clients position.  I have therefore today sent a detailed letter to the Clubs setting out the facts and repeating our very firm legal view that Mr Green’s allegations of breach of contract are entirely without legal merit.  My clients are free agents and I am pleased to note that several Premier League Clubs have already made applications to the SFA for International Transfer Certificates indicating that they attach little weight to Mr Green’s assertion that Sevco is entitled to seek damages for breach of contract”

“Furthermore it should also be noted that the SFA has confirmed that in the event of there being a dispute over registration the matter will be referred to FIFA.  We can confirm that the SFA has today rejected to issue the registration for one of our clients to an English Premier League Club.  The Club in question disputes the rejection and will now write to FIFA seeking their intervention.  We expect a speedy response from FIFA.”