Fraser Wishart
25th June 2012

PFA Scotland and its legal advisors Bridge Litigation today had a constructive meeting with Charles Green, CEO of the Rangers newco.

The burning issue of the TUPE transfer of our members to the newco was discussed but only briefly. Chief Executive Fraser Wishart said;

“It was important to meet with Mr Green as we have not spoken previously. We both acknowledged that whilst we disagree upon the fundamental issues surrounding our members rights to object to the transfer to the newco, we can at the same time respect the other parties position and allow the process to flow without acrimony.”

“Mr Green discussed his plans for the newco next season although of course he is not in control of many of the circumstances with regard to the football authorities and the other clubs decisions. We welcome the opportunity where we could both speak frankly and look forward to further positive dialogue in the coming months and weeks.”

“I would like to make it clear that the players who have objected so far have had to make a decision which has been a footballing one. In recent days  SPL clubs have made their postion clear and it is now increasingly unlikely that the newco will be playing in the SPL next season.”

“This, added to the three year ban from European competitions, the uncertainty over which league they will play in and what further sanctions the football authorities may impose has left the players who have ambitions to play for their international team and in Europe with an extremely difficult decision.”

PFA Scotland will meet with the players who agree to the transfer on their return to pre season training as our role is to ensure that all their contractual obligations are transferred with them.

We will also continue to advise any member who wishes to take up the option of objecting  as to his rights under employment law, a position which we have made clear previously and has not changed.