Fraser Wishart
31st October 2012

PFA Scotland is pleased to make available an intensive two day media course for players that has been designed to specific requirements.

It has been tailored to the needs of professional players at any stage of their career and is designed to assist them with all aspects of communication, be it with press and media, coaching and management, sponsors and corporate events or even in general lifestyle, entertainment and speeches.

In excess of 60 PFA Scotland members have previously completed the course and have seen a range of benefits including increased public image results, media and press interest, improved confidence while coaching as well as opportunities in professional broadcasting and journalism.

The course is fun, interactive and while you are expected to develop quickly is conducted in a managed environment where learning is easy and enjoyable.

An overview of the course is detailed below:

-2 days, central location

-Access to a range of professionals such as journalists, camera/directors, voice coach

-Developing speech and voice coach understanding

-Creation of speeches and presentations

-Working with the media-planning, preparation and inside information

-Thinking on your feet

-Pre and post match simulation

-TV and radio set ups

-Maximising opportunities

-On camera interviews with review (closed learning environment)

-On camera presentations with review

-Understanding body language


Players should be aware that numbers on this course are limited and that enrolment is required as soon as possible.  Should any player require more information or wish to register then please contact Jack Ross on 07540 636766 or