Fraser Wishart
22nd October 2012

PFA Scotland is committed to protecting player welfare and providing member players with continued information on issues which could impact upon their career development.  It is therefore pleased to be able to expand upon the Gambling Awareness education programme it currently offers.

This expansion comes in the shape of the availability of an on-line education module which will be offered to players throughout Scotland to complete.  Those players who have provided PFA Scotland with a current e-mail address will be invited to work through three modules covering sports betting. The modules provide information and a short series of multiple choice questions on the following areas; The Rules, Risks and Approaches, and Personal Gambling Issues.

Once a player has read the information provided and answered the questions posed, they are able to download a certificate which confirms their participation in this education process.

The online tutorial has been created to support the Gambling Awareness presentations PFA Scotland has given to many players over the past two seasons.  These presentations are continuing at present with a significant number of first team players as well as apprentices having received the information to date.

Jack Ross who has been responsible for the design and delivery of the project commented “The feedback from those players who have listened to our Gambling Awareness presentation has been greatly encouraging, and prompted discussion amongst players.  We believe that the education of players in Scotland aimed at maintaining the integrity of our game is of high importance, and therefore the addition of our online tutorial assists in this cause.  Furthermore it continues to highlight the assistance available to any players who feel they may have personal gambling addiction problems.”

“We are grateful to the RCA Trust for their continued support and for their contribution to the content of the education tutorial.  Furthermore, should any club wish to know more about the online tutorial and the delivery of it to players then please do not hesitate to contact me.”

PFA Scotland President and FIFPro Board Member Tony Higgins added his thoughts ” In my work with FIFPro and our discussions with Interpol, player education is a vital element in trying to deal with the issue of match fixing. It is known that the criminal gangs who operate throughout the world try to identify players who incur massive debt through gambling and then target them.  Unfortunately this type of player training is now necessary and PFA Scotland is one of the leading unions in tackling this.”