Fraser Wishart
17th August 2012

PFA Scotland would like to remind players of the availability of the Journalism course being offered by the City of Glasgow College.

This bespoke course for players is available on  a part time day release basis but is dependent upon numbers, therefore should any player wish to enrol for the course then please contact Craig Flannigan or Jack Ross at PFA Scotland (contact details for both can be found in the Contact section of our website).

Detailed information about the course is listed below:

Sports Feature Writing

This unit would introduce the students to features journalism, with a specific focus on the world of sports writing. Students will learn all about the different types of feature article and how to conceive feature ideas, learn about how to source information, research topics and interview relevant experts, as well as structure and write the articles.

Many ex players now have punditry roles and guest columns in the mainstream media but many of their features and opinions are written for them by newspapers’ sports writers or sub editors. This unit would enable each player/student to find their own voice and improve their core writing and communication skills overall.


Research and Interview Skills

This unit would be integrated with the Feature Writing unit and would enable the students to research their chosen articles and prepare questions for interviewees. This unit provides an invaluable insight into the art of interviewing and would therefore enable students to understand the dynamics of all types of interview, from grab interviews outside the stadium, to TV studio interviews, telephone, and post-match face-to-face.

This unit would also enable all students to approach their engagement with the media with much more confidence and awareness throughout their playing careers and beyond.



This unit provides an introduction to the basics and fundamentals of photography. Again, the focus could be sport or can be flexible to meet the desires and interests of each individual student. This is another valuable and transferable skill that could open up both career and further education opportunities after their playing careers.


Basic website development

The purpose of this unit is to enable candidates to develop knowledge and understanding of the basic technical and design elements of web based documents, e.g. personal or professional blogs.

This is a practical unit which gives candidates the opportunity to design and produce a document suitable for use on the web.

This unit is suitable for candidates with little or no experience of web development and who have an interest in producing a basic website.

Previous candidates have used this unit to construct personal blogs which double as
professional, interactive websites and have used them to upload videos, CVs and
diary updates for friends, family and fans for example.