28th May 2012

PFA Scotland’s Annual Careers Day was held on Wednesday 25th April 2012 at Hampden Stadium and was attended by well in excess of two hundred players.

The mix of apprentice and senior players enjoyed the variety of workshops and information sessions on careers and education opportunities relevant to their future ambitions, and have been fulsome in their praise for the content and format of the event.

Commenting in the aftermath of the event PFA Scotland’s Stuart Lovell said “Our Careers Day is not just an event whereby we can give ourselves a pat on the back and say it was successful.  Although player attendance was high, the most important factor is giving players the correct level of diversity in the opportunities we provide for them to consider.”

“Our role is to  highlight the transferrable skills that players have and encourage them to begin considering alternative careers and training as early as they can.”

PFA Scotland would like to thank all  players who attended the day and also all presenters who took time to participate in the event and offer their expertise and advice to our members.

Furthermore over the course of the summer and beyond we hope to provide details of those players who have benefitted from attending the event.